Midnight Espresso was formed to bring the best coffee in Adelaide day or night.  

As a coffee van in Adelaide and the Surrounding Suburbs, Liam our Head Barista has over 15 years experience in the coffee industry in Adelaide having worked at a range of specialty coffee and very large restaurants as a barista, coffee roaster and barista trainer.  He has competed at the State Level of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association Barista Competition and Judged Latte art Competitions, National Roasting Competitions and  still regularly take part in Latte art competitions around Adelaide.  

As a Coffee Roaster I developed a very keen sense for good coffee and bring that to Midnight Espresso by roasting the coffee myself.  This dedication ensures that the coffee that I am producing is of the highest quality and best grade. I try and use organic and fair trade coffee where available but to ensure the quality of the coffee and the fair treatment of the workers producing it I guarantee a clear supply chain from Farm to Cup, ensuring that the farms that I deal with are working fairly and sustainably.

To help ensure this I use only Specialty Grade coffee.  By doing this I can guarantee the quality of the coffee that I am producing.  To help keep the quality of every coffee I produce at the highest level I will always operate with 2 Coffees available in the Midnight Espresso Coffee Van: 1 coffee dedicated to Milk based Coffees and One Dedicated to Black Coffees.  I am able to produce Filter coffee and can Tailor the beverages that I offer to your particular needs.

By using the 2 dedicated coffees I have the flexibility to refine the Coffee that I am serving to you.  This means that i can use dedicated recipes to tailor the coffee perfectly to the beverage meaning that you get a great coffee every time.

This flexibility allows us to serve a range of beverages from espresso and long blacks through to cafe latte, flat white and mocha.  This ability, and the broad range of drinks that we can produce is due to the flexibility that the van allows us.

The self contained nature of the van also means that we can serve in a variety of locations at any time of the day or night.  From serving coffee to your workplace, to festivals, sports days and sales the Midnight Espresso Van can can tailor its service to suit your specific needs.  Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can improve your event with coffee.

We are dedicated to producing coffee with as little impact on the environment as possible with an aim to have no waste to landfill by the end of the year.  We are currently working with our suppliers to ensure that we are using recyclable or compostable products wherever possible. We routinely compost our coffee waste and any excess to our needs is removed in an organics bin.  We also recommend that customers bring their own reusable cup and offer discounts and other incentives to those customers who do use their own, reusable cup.

We have partnered with a range of local suppliers to supply our milk, cakes and other products.  We believe in using local suppliers as much as possible.  We use Fleurieu Milk, Mio Piatto and Saudade for Cakes, cookies and other treats and Complete Cafe Services to name a few of our larger suppliers.